High efficiency and energy saving sintering furnace

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Life will always encounter a variety of things, whether people or objects are no exception. It's the same in the equipment industry. It's normal that there will always be problems when there is no perfect machine that can run without errors forever. As far as I'm concerned, it's the same. So how to solve the problem when the sintering furnace encounters the abnormal situation?

Here are some solutions to the abnormal situation of sintering furnace for your reference only

Abnormal cooling water

1. Confirm that the heating power has been stopped

2. In case of water leakage outside the sintering furnace and abnormal cooling water volume, emergency measures should be taken as soon as possible. If the water volume can be guaranteed, please continue to keep the vacuum. If emergency measures cannot be taken, keep the original state and confirm that the equipment has cooled down.

3. When the cooling water is abnormal, the equipment is in the stop state, and the emergency cooling water is connected immediately.

4. In case of high temperature (over 200 ℃ is regarded as high temperature), if the cooling water is stopped, if the emergency water supply is not available, the water-cooled electric Ji, heat exchanger, vacuum chamber shell and pumps may be damaged.

Stop of compressed air

1. When the compressed air abnormal alarm, the equipment is in the stop state, should go to the spare compressor room as soon as possible, let it resume work.

2. In case of abnormal alarm of compressed air in vacuum, and it takes a long time to recover, stop the vacuum and stop the sintering furnace.

Power failure

1. In case of power failure, if water is cut off, the standby cooling water and water source shall be connected immediately.

2. If the sintering furnace can be recovered as soon as possible without heating, heating and cooling, restart the sintering furnace and continue to operate. If it takes a long time, keep the equipment in its original state.

3. If it is heating and cooling and can be recovered as soon as possible, restart the vacuum belt throwing furnace. If it takes a long time, keep the original state and let the equipment cool down naturally.

As shown above, don't panic when encountering abnormal situations, find out the causes of the problems and put forward corresponding solutions. Then, the problem will no longer be a problem.