You must know these when using sintering furnace!

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There are various types of sintering furnace, and the application range is very wide. However, in the process of use, there are some precautions that need to be known, which are not only related to the use of sintering furnace, but also related to the safety issues. Therefore, please read the following carefully.

Precautions for use of sintering furnace are as follows:

(1) When using hydrogen or decomposing ammonia, nitrogen should be introduced first. Only when the air in the furnace is completely discharged, can it be electrified and heated to prevent ringing and explosion.

(2) For the sintering furnace with molybdenum wire as heating element, protective gas should be introduced into the furnace body before power on, so as to prevent molybdenum wire from oxidation and brittle fracture.

(3) The furnace door and gas outlet should be ignited to prevent explosion and gas poisoning caused by oxygen entering or hydrogen discharging.

(4) If the electric heating element is ferrochrome aluminum resistance wire, it should stay for a period of time (about 30 minutes) when the temperature is raised to 1100 ℃, so as to prevent the resistance wire from being damaged due to high surface temperature.

(5) Before heating up and during operation, check whether the air flow and water flow meet the requirements from time to time, and check whether the control instruments of equipment, electricity and furnace temperature are normal.

(6) The power should be cut off before shutdown, and the gas and water should be cut off when the furnace temperature drops below 200 ℃.

(7) In addition to shutdown due to maintenance, frequent shutdown should be avoided. Frequent start-up and stop of sintering furnace will lead to aging of heating elements, fragmentation of refractory materials, impure atmosphere in furnace and fluctuation of furnace temperature.

In addition to the above precautions, the daily maintenance is also important for us. Both of them are related to many aspects and need to be taken seriously. Of course, if you need or want to know more, please contact us.